Tips for Getting a New PC Monitor

Desktop Computer Monitors

These PC’s also come equipped with built in speakers and many different size options. Although computers don’t eat up a lot of energy, if we can save this precious commodity, then we should do so. Energy Star is the symbol that helps us to select a greener machine..

Customization of the Visibility Area

The desktop computer offers a few different options regarding monitors. The choice on size has a lot to do with price and space. Laptops are limited only by the screen they come with, however, you can hook up any laptop to a larger screen with the right connecting cables.

Industrial monitors offer more customizability due to their design being developed for business applications. Sizes can be from a few inches to as large as 52 inches. Seek out the industrial monitor if you are looking for more customization.

Manufacture Guarantees

Often times a small company will purchase an off the shelf desk-top computer and monitor to suit their small business needs. These generally come with a six month to one year warranty. After that time expires you must pay out of pocket for repairs. While that amount of time may seem ok, it is important to note that consumer monitors are not intended for commercial use, and using one in such a way could void any warranty associated with the purchase.

This is something to look into before purchasing a computer and monitor for your business. On the other hand, industrial monitors come with a three year advance replacement warranty. So if something does go wrong you will have the equipment needed to carry on in your work.

Sometimes our choices are not limited by price, but rather by the conditions of the working space where we place these wonderful machines.

Don’t you just love those touch screens? They look pretty cool on the iPhone and are becoming more common on both the industrial as well as typical home use PC.

Regarding business applications the use of the mouse and keyboard is not required, which helps to present a nice clean working space.

Sturdy and Robust. The durability of any computer component today is vital since these machines can be hammered on day in and day out sometimes without ever being turned off. The industrial monitor has to overcome a great deal of environmental issues that the home PC does not. Sometimes these machines will have to cope with possible accidental spillage, temperature variations and even power surges which is why it’s important to use the industrial versions of the computer screens in an industrial workshop.

Imagine having to carry around a huge laptop computer everyday. Some of these babies weight over 8 lbs and take up quite a bit of space.

With the introduction of the iPad we no longer have to deal with large laptops and notebooks. Even some of the newer laptops are so small they can fit into a woman’s purse. The options for monitors are seemingly endless in today’s world of growing and changing technologies.

Totally Awesome Choices in the World of Computer Screens (19″ Open Frame Panel). Let’s face it. In today’s world we have a huge variety of computer screens. From the iPod to the rackmount monitor we have the ability to see our work on a tiny screen or to indulge our eyes by connecting our computer to a huge widescreen TV. We are only limited by price, space and in some cases our imagination.


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