iPad Has a New Browser

The iPad has taken the country by storm. It is very much similar to a computer except that its appearance is thinner and definitely smaller. One can find a lot of apps for iPad that have really nice features. The iPad is truly one of the most mesmerizing and enchanting gadgets of modern times.

The iPad has a new browser which is called Safari and it is very compatible with the device. The best thing about surfing the web with Safari on an iPad is that there is no need of scrolling down the page in order to take a look at everything. The entire content of the page would appear all at once on the iPad so that one can read everything easily.

For those who have experience of using a laptop, they would be familiar with the fact that when using a laptop, the finger itself is the mouse. Likewise, for iPads too it is the same. One has to simply touch the screen in order to view something of one’s choice and that would pop up on screen as soon as the touch is detected.

An iPad is a step ahead of the computer in terms of its mail feature in the sense that on being clicked upon, it is not only the message which is manifested on the screen but also the keyboard to enable the user to type in a response.

While the similarity between the two devices lies in the indication of the new mail in the mailbox, the convenient twist is provided by the on screen keyboard. We all love showing off our pictures and with iPad, it is even more convenient. One can view the pictures on the device either one at a time or as a slideshow.

However a lot of space is required for storing pictures, but this isn’t a problem with the iPad which has the JBOD RAID and SAN storage system. Even though it may be ultra slim and portable, but it still offers big data storage options such as NAS RAID, Nas Storage or JBOD.

From games to videos there is an application on the iPad that will keep everything at your fingertip. One touch of the screen and you are ready to have the time of your life on this device. As long as there is a Wi-Fi connection in the area the iPad will pick it up so you can enjoy your favorite things on the Web anywhere and anytime.


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