Serious Multitasking

Serious Multitasking with Multimedias

When we talk about a multimedia computer, you can literally use it for just about any known tasks. It can be used to play the latest games with good graphics and sound such as the popular “World of Warcraft” (WOW). It can be used to watch your favorite television programs and movies, either through downloads and online streaming.

In addition, you can easily be your own music and video producers and perhaps, be the next online star. To summarize it, the main difference with multimedia computers would be they tend to cost more than workstation computers.

The Official PC’s Workstations

Workstations are mostly used for basic yet important tasks. Among them would be to email, to create and present documents and to browse the web. The main reason for the cheaper cost would be the hardware and software.

The CPU would be the main hardware that adds up to chunk of the cost. Comparatively, workstations come nowhere close to multimedias where gaming is concerned. The good thing about workstations is that you can easily get a better sound or graphics card to replace the onboard ones.

You would have gained an insight on the main differences of a workstation compared to a multimedia computer as well as its strengths and weaknesses.


Save Your Data By NAS Storage System

In most households, nearly every family member has their own computer, laptop, or notebook. Children are frequently more computer savvy than their parents and technology is a component of their everyday lives. With all of the awesome apps, games, music, and movies today, it doesn’t take very long for everyone’s hard disk drives to fill up. External hard disk drives that get shared also get lost or damaged pretty easily. That’s where NAS Storage comes in.

A NAS storage device is years ahead of an external hard drive when it comes to accommodating your storage needs. Your kids won’t need to borrow your external hard drive or zip drive anymore when your family has NAS RAID storage.

Imagine for a moment what would happen in the event of a hard drive crash or virus. What would happen to all of those hundreds of house of music you have stored on your PC or laptop? A lot of people have movies, photos, and other media stored on their computers as well. Many families, especially those where one or more person is still in school or working in a position they use the computer for, have countless important reports and documents store on their computers as well. Can you really risk losing any of your important data to a system failure or virus?

A lot people mistakenly believe that whatever happens to their computer is curable. Even with the expert help of computer data recovery specialists, most of the information and files on your computer systems would not be able to be retrieved after a hard drive crash or other major problem. That’s what makes a reliable system like NAS Storage so crucial to the recovery of your data. They allow you to recover your personal information in seconds as long as you have backed everything up to the external device.

Think for a moment about all of the money you have invested in computer programs, music files, digital movies, ebooks and other files on your computer system. How much would it cost you if you have to replace everything? Now think about the documents and pictures – many of which are likely irreplaceable. What sort of time and money investment do they account for?

Don’t risk your important computer data. Start backing it up today with the help of NAS RAID storage systems to keep your own data, and that of your family members safe and secure. Also discover the truth about open frame LCD systems today.